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Monday, July 2, 2007

Thats Really Interesting

Add One Word - Be part of the never ending story!

This is, the never ending story which grows from one word, one word at a time.

Assuming it takes about 25 seconds for each word to be added to the story, this story will reach 100,000 words, the size of a book, in about a month!

You can submit the next word to the story, it could be your word that is chosen to be added!

There is a list of words in red after the last word added to the story, all of which are words which have been submitted by users. Each of these can be voted on, and the first word to get ten votes will be added to the end of the story.

In the event of an out of place word appearing, it may be deleted or changed to help the story to make sense.

Hi digg, I have stopped censoring now, and soon there will be both a censored and an uncensored version.

Current word count: 423
Read the Story

Go to the start of the story .

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