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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

King Of Town!

A Market town is looking forward to its first peaceful night for more than a year.

Local police hope they have cured a one-boy crime wave which brought mayhem and destruction on a massive scale to Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Officers told a court yesterday that 17-year-old Kyle Ivison was personally responsible for a 40 per cent rise in violent crime in the town, committing more than 120 offences involving drink, drugs and vandalism.

The thug was eventually brought to court after his father reported him to police for smashing up his own home.

After Ivison's movements were severely restricted under the threeyear Asbo, PC Geoff Woodcock, of Lancashire Police, said: "Clitheroe is a lovely place to live with a high quality of life.
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"But recently criminal damage has increased significantly and Ivison has been a major contributor, he's clearly a problem for the whole community."

One local shopkeeper added: "He's scum and I'm delighted the courts have treated him with a firm hand. God knows, I'd like to."

Magistrates in Accrington were told Ivison first appeared on police

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