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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weird Facts

Information no one really thought about and might not be aware of.
Did you know?

That the tongue of a whale weighs as much as an elephant.
By 2003, the number of people who lived together before marriage was a little over 70% as against 5% in the 1960's.
According to a recent study, people who talk on cell phones while driving are as impaired as drunk drivers, even when they use hands-free devices.
The number of people with diabetes worldwide rose from about 30 million to over 230 million.
The three richest men in the world are worth as much as the 40 most poorest countries of the world.
Over the last eight year, at least 130,000 children have been kidnapped for sale, for sexual or labour exploitation or for the removal of their organs.
During 2005, there occurred 28 full-fledged wars and eleven other minor armed conflicts, worldwide.
According to the wall street journal (USA), up to half of the couples asked admit that they commit "financial infidelity" - lying to their spouse about expenditure they made.
In the United States, half of all adults have gum disease or tooth decay. 3 out of 10 people over 65 have lost all their teeth.
In Spain about 25% of children are born out of wedlock, 43% in France, 45% in Denmark and 55% in Sweden.
About a third of Britons sleep less than 5hrs each night. This makes a person more prone to suffer poor concentration, memory lapses and mood swings. It may also increase the risk of Obesity, Diabetes and depression.
There are over 18,000 pieces of plastic floating on every sq. kilometer of ocean today. (UN Environmental Programme).
The amount of hours spent by US. Workers every year playing computer games on the job amounted to about half a billion. This is a loss of productivity valued at $10 billion. This however excludes time spent surfing the web at work for personal use.
By 2004, every 2 marriages out of 3 weddings failed in Spain.
Children who spend extended periods in front of the T.V are more likely to develop communication problems .
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