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Friday, July 6, 2007

God And Ghost

Ghost:I don't understand human beings which you created on earth.
Ghost:For example,they believe in you but not in me.While both of us cant be seen by senses but still they are partial towards you.
God;Its because I do good things for them while you made them scared.While I give them peace of mind you broke all peace of mind.
Ghost:that's not true.I don't harm any human beings but I justwent for fulfilling my unfulfilled wishes .And its all because of you God .If you provide everything and fulfill every wish then may be I also rest in peace but you just enjoy in doing this.
God:Not true I gave all person what they deserve but human beings are becoming more and more demanding these days and fulfilling all is impossible for me.
Ghost:Ya,I know but tell me why you created world?
God:For pleasure!
Ghost:Oh! all this humdrum for your pleasure ,very selfish you are.
God:That's how life is..
Ghost:Smile and ran for passers by in dark night for his pleasure!

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