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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Grand Life Of "Tony"

Tony was name of the pet(dog) of Mr.Sinsin.
Tony and Rony were talking.
Tony;I have to only eat ,sleep and shit.
Tony:Its simple every morning before going to office Mr.Sinsin's wife Soniya feed me so much that as they step out for their offices I fall asleep on their delicate bed.
Rony:Wow! what a five star life!
Tony:And when I eat so much you know I use to "loose".
Rony;Oh ! then it must be disturbing for couples when they would came back ,are they beat you?
Rony:why are youlaughing?
Tony :Because you don't understand human nature well.
Rony ;How?
Tony:When they came back Sonia first take me in arms and caress at the same time Mr.Sinsin throw his dampn socks on beds and .........after that 'Home War'.

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