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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wisdom Of Shopkeeper "Dinu Kaka"

As sun was opening its eyes after long sleep and moon was going to sleep for at least 12 hours.Life was in full swing on the bank of Ganga (river) where all faiths of people came for dipping their nose in morning when Ganga seems as cool as lotus into water mud.
Dinu Kaka: Chanting mantra of some type its sound like Gaytri mantra and also doing his routine work of cleaning shop first.
Customer Rinku:Kaka ,will you give me flowers free as I have no money to give you but really I like that flower.
Dinu kaka:I never give anything without money.
Rinku:For you child emotions have no value?
Dinu Kaka:I only value profit and money.
Rinku:Then it means you can sell anything for money.
Dinu Kaka:Thats my religion.Each work have its means and end and I follow just my means and ends.
Rinku:But,you speak alot of lies for selling your goods and how would you explain all lies you spoke off whole day.You are greedy .
Dinu Kaka:Thats also my work to entice my customer as this require skill.If you are not greedy then you cant get anything in your life because first you have to be greedy for your money,time then you will value those things.We value things when we start realizing that thing is precious.And when we become greedy we start saving that thing because we love or value them and don't want to loose them.
Rinku:You went so far in justifying your wrongdoings.Well,I 'm going.
When Dinu Turned his head:He found his all valuable things were stolen by a person who had came with Rinku.As Dinu and Rinku were conversing he had took all and left one paper where he wrote I'm just fulfilling my greed..Haaaaaaaaaaaa.

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