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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When Titu Thought!

Recent happenings in Punjab over religious issue provoked Titu and his cat Sweety to discuss over it.
Sweety:Why people make issues while there is no issue exist as happened few months back over the Danish Cartton or recently in Baroda or more recently in Punjab.?
Is it our religious beliefe is so weak that we get offended by these things like cartoon and paintings?
Titu:See ,my dear friend sweety life is not as simple as you think.Its more complicated than maths and space research.Religious beliefs are as delicate as child's emotions could burst over smaller things.
Sweety:But,why? When we will grow up?
Titu:I see it differently ,moot thing is, we human beings cant live without issue,if there is no issue then life will as static as rock, so issues ,conflict,fight are as important as foods itself,its our life support system.
Sweety:Is it so?
Titu:And we enjoy it.
Suddenly Sweety jumped over Titu and cut his throat and ran saying I gave enjoyed it.....................Haaaaaaaaaa

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