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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Every morning thousands of men and women pour into temple .Most of them carry with them sweets and flower etc for pooja or rituals.Just at the gate there was another crowd in thousands too but nobody care about them,they are smallest creature of God,Ants.
Ants were talking in their group and mumbling gossip, see who will bring more sweets today than others as these ants witness all kinds of human emotions in temple and they virtually could predict what kind of people will carry what.As example,men who divorced his wife will carry sweets ,flower,and will give more than thousands to Pundit as donation.
Another ant said"but you know what older men will carry if he gets married in his 50s or 60s."
As these kind of people is less so very few ants witness how that person will behave or show his emotion to god.
That Ant said," once in night around 12'o clock when everybody was fast asleep then one men with bald look came into temple and what he put some kind of oil and said fill it Oh God with your power after putting that pot at the feet of God,oh,he mumbled something like God gave me( power )and broke Coconut."
Haaa,all ants laughed at men's infinite desire.
Suddenly crowd of children came running and below their feets all ants crushed like potato in mixer in fractions of seconds...........

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