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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What "IF"

I was sitting on my chair and my mind was flying as fast as eagle in sky want to reach at its limit.Suddenly one germ of idea came in flush as quick as matchbox's litting stick.
Imagine what will happen or how this world will look if we start getting results of our bad work,action in this life.As Hindu scripts believe that whatever good or bad we do have a motive and its consequence we have to face after death.But I wonder as after death our memory dies so we don't remember what we have done in our past birth if re-birth system is true.As memory dies so we actually don't know what we are getting in this life is good or bad according to our past birth and we usually tend to blame if we find any wrongdoings with us then we say because bad work or action of past its happening.Well,but,if people know that whatever people is doing God will punish him or reward him in this life then how people will work and how this world will look like.
I see it in that way..
1.As every bureaucrats and politicians house become change in barking dogs.Reason God punished him they are the biggest lier and buttering people on earth.
2.All women becomes birds as they chat too much God decided to punish them in that manner.
3.All prisons become full of Lion as most prisoners were violent so God decided to make them and feel what violence means.
4.All old man becomes turtle as they have to less to do.
5.At last only children left on the earth and whole earth look like a big jungle.
And if people will know this could happen with them then how their action would be changed ?..................Just Imagine

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