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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dead Man's Last Laugh

In sharp galis of chandni chowk lived a man with golden heart and spent whole life giving and helping others as he was very successful Industrialist in his working years but as time passes and his children grow he become puppet in their hand and even when he was awaiting his death no children of him near to him.One day he felt he will not live more than hour so he called his servant ramu and handed him his (will) and said to him please give to my children when i died.
Next day Dinanath's home become filled with lot of relative and his children as everybody knows he was big industrialist so he must have lot of wealth left.After mourning for few minutes their children started looking for his (will) then ramu servant of him came forward and handed over them his WILL.
WILL says:
I've divided it into four parts .
Ist part:that money and property will get those children or relatives who never told lies in his life. After listening that nobody dare to came forward.
IIpart:this part of money those of my children and relative will get who never hurted any human beings in his life.Again,nobody came forward.
III part:This part of money will be given to those person who always took path of truth and non-violence.Again, silence..........
IV part:Now as I know all of you well i must tell you all three parts of my will possesses no money as I already spent most of them on my children who never cared about me and rest gave donation charitable last....I could say I got to know all of you however after death..........

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