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Interesting Findings And World Unfolding Through My Eyes.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Five Senses And Soul

Eyes:I see world as beautiful baby and earth as its most gorgeous mother.Beauty is everything what matters for me.
Ear:I listen world as nice song and earth as its lyrical and soothing lyrics.Different rhythm and notes what matters for me.
Nose:I smell world as enlighten perfume and earth as its type of smell .For me everything is how that particular things is smelling nothing else matters.
Tongue:I think world as words without words their would be no world.Earth as its manifestation.How we or you speak is more important than anything else.
Touch Or Feel:World happened because of emotion or feeling and touch or when two people meets via body.So its all about touch that matters for me.
Suddenly voice came from inside.
Soul:Shut up you all! World is all about me, from me you came,from me earth came so of universe...All become stunned and silent.

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