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Saturday, March 3, 2007

At The Base Of The Human Brain

At the base of the human brain there lies a tiny organ called the pituitary gland. About the size of a pea, this demure little gland produces and secretes a cocktail of hormones into the bloodstream from its bony nook inside the skull, helping the body to govern many internal systems. The pituitary is perhaps most well-known for its production of the amino acid somatotropin, a growth hormone which stimulates cell reproduction and bodily development.
This humble chemical factory typically produces some amount of growth hormone throughout an individual's life, though the volume usually drops off precipitously after adolescence. In spite of its small size, however, misbehaving pituitaries have been known to cause massive consequences for their owners.One of the more common defects is a benign tumor called an adenoma. This swelling originates in the pituitary, often producing excessive amounts of one or more of the gland's chemical messengers. Andre the GiantWhen such a tumor spills excessive growth hormone into the body, a condition called acromegaly arises.
The effects of acromegaly vary depending on the development stage of the stricken individual. If the condition arises after the end of natural growth, the victim's hands, feet, jaw, forehead, and ribcage will often grow outwards. But when the tumor arises earlier, in someone who hasn't yet reached full height, a phenomenon called gigantism occurs. This state causes continuous growth, ultimately leading to an abnormally tall stature in adulthood. The extremities also grow more than the rest of the body, leading to disproportionately large hands and feet, and a characteristic large-boned face.ReadMore..

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