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Monday, February 19, 2007

Are We Dyeing Emotionally?

This Jet going time where everything becomes as fast as flying Pigeon.From physical oriented society,we have been inclining towards mentally oriented society,we can do almost every work without much physical use.Now question arise,is it good,helpful or bad or worst?This is helpful in simplifying life's stress but at personal level its difficult to say . But ,few things happening like fast moving thinking mind which cut physical work almost near to zero is also hampering our emotional level.Emotions is generally considered to be happen when thinking mind disappear but in today's fast moving life,we are thinking all the time and even we mistook our thoughts as feeling or emotions but in reality when we are thinking all the time feeling cant be happen.So it means exponential growth of our society in industrial,service sector has also decreased the level of emotion because there is no emptiness or gaps exist now.And we are becoming incapable of experiencing gaps or when strong feeling comes because all the time our mind at work.So now there is very small difference between man and machine.That's why few psychologist say younger generation bent towards LSD or other bad habits for experiencing things which they do not able to experience in his or her conscious state.Well,its debatable,but,we cant deny our emotions are dyeing....

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