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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Whenever winter bloom like newly wed couple ,his rays blush like that women who is just awaiting her first night with her husband with full of charm and passion.I spend most of the day in daydreaming looking or playing with sun whole day on roof.I thought,how this singing Sun shows both side of life.One,how energy giver he is,due to him entire universe exist but at the same time I see his another face or side,how this same singing sun in noon, could eat entire earth in few minutes if our Ozone layer get thinner and thinner as day passes by.But,I thought,why should I worry about Sun and its effects while millions of other things to do here.
Human beings are most selfish beings on earth at least it seems now to me,we always search for escaping roots or easy answers or short cut.We never thought of things which can concern planet as whole like Global warming(How many country has tried to cut its pollution level?).However showing concern to planet would directly or indirectly benefit us.

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