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Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Ant Over My Tip Of Nose

As I was dozing off on cold night on my bed which lay here as a witness of lot of playful act which have happened here from his birth,he must be wondering why we never think of this bed which helps us in night to relax our mind ,body and soul as I was thinking these thoughtless things my hand roll over tip of my nose and,Uh,it feel like I am touching cone of Ice.Suddenly,an ant come from nowhere and tried to reach over tip of my nose,I was aghast at her daring act,I thought, maybe ,she is seeing me as a mountain to be conquered that's why she is trying to reach over tip of my nose.She might hear ed a story of Gulliver in Lilliput,suddenly,I felt as though somebody is nudging my feet,bed,whole body,my bed which is making forty five degree angle as somebody pushing it from behind ,how could it be possible?These things happen only in books and stories not in real life....Now millions of ants come from nowhere and surrounded my whole bed and body even covered my mouth,lips,nose(mountain) as entire earth covered by snow in cold and winter night,entered in ears as they thought it their home.I was suffocating to take a breath and fresh air.I was apologising with them to leave me and they were counting my crimes when,where and how many times I crushed them under my feet,I felt as I am standing in court and advocate is counting my crimes...
Slap!,Slap!,Slap!,get up,get up ,Ajay,why are you sleeping down from the bed?I opened my eyes and found my mother is touching my nose.

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