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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have a beautiful daughter. She is two years old. As parents, my wife and I have decided not to expose here to various concepts of god until she is old enough to understand those concepts and explore them herself. So far, she has taught me more about compassion, empathy, love and joy than religion (any religion) ever has.

That being said, I would like to know why you Christians cannot respect MY right as a parent to raise MY child as I see fit. I will give you a case in point.

My wife is a devoted stay-at-home mom. In order for our daughter to socialize (and I am sure that it helps to maintain my wife’s sanity), she takes Rachel to certain functions during the week where there are other mothers and children. The local community center has a whole host of classes during the week for this very thing. One day, I returned home from work early and went to one of these social events with them. It was a story time event at the local library and they had a lamb there that the kids could pet. Sounded great! Rachel LOVES animals. On the table, they had various books that the children could take home with them to keep. These were not library sponsored books, these were books donated by the host of the event.

There were about 7 or 8 titles to chose from, multiples of each title. It was a great gesture, I thought. My daughter looked over the table and was instantly captivated by a book whose cover was shaped like a puppy and had a felt piece attached as an ear. That was the book she picked out. As she went off to pet the lamb, I thumbed through its paperboard pages. “God sees you. God sees me. God sees my puppy.”

Now, you have to understand that my daughter LOVES to be read to. She is constantly bringing books over to me or mom to read to her.

Out of these 7 to 8 titles, about 3 of them were religious in nature and based on Christianity. The fact that I am an atheist is beside the point. There were other faiths at this function as well. Jewish, Muslim, atheists and Pagans. A wonderful blend of humanity there to do nothing more than give their child an activity to do outside of the home with other children.

I would also like to mention that not one of the titles were telltale in nature of their contents.

The same Christian fanatics that protest against such great literary works as Catcher in the Rye being classroom curriculum seem to have no problem dumping their propaganda driven material onto others. Why the double standard?

In short, if you want education withheld from your child, great. Home school your kids. Have them believe that the Earth is only 7,000 to 10,000 years old. Deprive them of the great literary works and culture that have brought us to where we are today. Shun them away from the very science that may one day save their freakin’ lives. Keep them in their sterile little bubble, looked away from the reality that is the world that we live in. Just please, KEEP YOUR GOD AWAY FROM MY CHILD!!!

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