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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sex,Torrent,Video Sites?

We wanted to know so we choose to take a look at traffic data from the top 5 sites in their respective categories to determine the victor. We realize that this does not truly answer the question because it can be argued that there are exponentially more sex sites than either video or torrent sites, but it still gives us an idea who is winning at the top end of the spectrum. To insure a fair fight we decided to remove YouTube from the fray because of the obvious traffic advantage they get from being a part of Google Inc. The remaining sites were ranked by a combination of Inbound Links, Compete (US visitors), Quantcast (US visitors), and Alexa data to determine who was truly king of the hill. If you account for the obvious Compete and Quantcast skew for adult sites the overall data seems to point to video sites as the champ, but the results are close. What do you think? Honestly, which sites do you visit the most?
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