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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Story Of Kinsey

As a boy, Kinsey is eager to explore, yearning to know what happens -- between insects, between animals, between men. Troubled by his religious father’s lectures, he tries to mimic his father’s notion that sex is evil. During one of father’s rants, young Kinsey chooses to think for himself, prompting his father’s lifelong contempt.

Later hired by Indiana University, Professor Kinsey, (known to his students as Prok for short) is an intransigent mind determined to know and understand reality. He studies the gall wasp, struck that no two are alike. While explaining the advantages of biological diversity, he catches the eye of a plain-looking graduate student (Laura Linney) who shares his passion for knowledge. Early in their relationship, she watches from the shadows in unspoken admiration for his focused mind, while the biology professor meticulously records his data. Their love burns bright and it gives the movie a steady glow of reverence for rational values.

Fueled by the belief that man is part of nature – with sex part of man's nature -- Kinsey's interest in human sexuality is ignited by his students, which leads to the personal interviews that became the basis for his groundbreaking Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. The report becomes a publishing phenomenon – unheard of for an academic study – and it unleashes pent-up demand for information about sex, making Kinsey a household name. When he produces a companion study of females, correcting errors in his method, his popularity fades. It is 1953 and everything from masturbation to menstruation is either condemned or misunderstood. As Mrs. Kinsey asks her frustrated husband: “What did you expect?”

He remains single-minded in his view that sex ought to be examined, an obsession that Kinsey dramatizes in sumptuous detail. Whether scribbling a numerical sex scale -- on which he rates his own homosexual tendency-- after visiting a gay bar, or facing a pedophile who distorts his ideas, the professor is guided by thought.
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