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Monday, May 28, 2007

Eyes contact remains as mysterious as rocket science?

Which eye do you CHOOSE for flirting?

It was a warm day in May, and I was sitting on a bench park of Paris. Next to me, there was this beautiful woman that I had just met, and we were chatting about the book she was reading. I was looking into her eyes and she was doing exactly the same.

But there was something wrong.

Every time I was looking into her right eye, I was feeling very awkward. So every time this happened, I broke eye contact and looked around. The same thing kept happening, over and over again, until at some point she told me that she had to leave. I then asked for her number and she gave me a sweet smile: “Non. Je ne donne pas mon numéro aux étrangers”.

Clank! It was over before it even started: I had blown it.

For two minutes I sat there while I was back tracking what we had just said, when it came to me.

6 years in primary school.
6 years in high school.
5 years in University.
1 year for my PhD (two left to go then).
That was a total of 18 years of education.

For 18 years, I was doing exactly what Capitalism asked of me: I learned how to do a job right, I kept performing uber specific tasks that no one really understood, and I was doing them well. But I had no idea how to do the simplest of things:

How to look another human being in the eyes.

Eye contact is the most basic of human non verbal communications. It comes in every flavour and colour:

You have angry ones, you have happy ones and you have sexy ones. There are dark ones, there are blue ones, and there are those happy green ones: They are everywhere.

But for most humans, eye contact remains as mysterious as rocket science.

The importance of eye contact.

There was an experiment done lately and the results that came out were quite stunning. They took a group of people and made them think they were interviewers in what it seemed to be a standard job interview. They told the first half of the interviewed people to avoid eye contact with the interviewers, and the other half to maintain a very confident eye contact. Then they asked the interviewers to write down their opinions: The interviewers were more ready to hire people that maintained good eye contact than those that averted their gaze.
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